10 March 2012


The good people at Enrich Brisbane have given Miss Morag some double passes to give away to the event at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from Friday 30 March to Sunday 2 April.

All you have to do for a chance to win, dear readers, is to tell MM about an 'enriching' meal or food experience you've had in as much, or little detail as you like.

The competition will close at midnight on Saturday 17 March and MM will choose the five responses that most tickle her fancy. Those five readers will each receive free entry to the event.

MM is looking forward to reading about your experiences.

MM recently went on a great 'Asian Foodie Trek' to Inala and took home some dragon fruit. They have long been a favourite and remind MM of another trek in Vietnam many years ago.

It was during a visit to the beautiful countryside outside Da Lat that MM first encountered this most vibrant of fruit. We were lucky enough to come across two local men with motorbikes who made their living by taking people out on the bikes to see outlying villages, waterfalls, Buddhist shrines and other sights.

But by far the most memorable part of the day was a roadside stop beside a gorgeous waterfall, where one of the men spoke quietly about his war-time experiences, all the while carefully cutting up a giant, juicy dragon fruit for us with his pocket knife.

Naturally his story was not a happy one, but ever since that time, eating the fruit inevitably evokes memories of the man's openness and generosity, and a general feeling of admiration and respect for the people of Vietnam.


Taryn, Adrienne and Miss Morag (and their friends) are all looking forward to Enrich.


Adrienne Walls-Nichols said...

I grew up with chooks in the back yard. We knew which eggs came from which of our hens. Since flying the coop in my late teens and still with no chooks of my own I continue to find buying eggs impersonal and unnatural. So when I travel back to the nest to visit those old folks, all I dream about is that first egg. Its nourishing, delicate, laid just for me and deeply appreciated. It warms the soul unlike any other food.

miss morag said...

Oh Adrienne! That's both beautiful and heartbreaking in almost equal measure. MM is fortunate to have two friends with chooks. In one case I do know the chooks' names, and the other chooks are in a back yard in the same suburb as chez Morag, and always delivered personally by their adorable human 'sister'. They are always delicious. Next time you can have some of mine.

Taryn said...

My most enriching experience in Brisbane would be discovering the Brisbane Polish club in Milton. Ever since my jaunt to Poland and all around Europe in 2009, I had been craving the hearty, full flavour meals from Poland. I was so happy to come home and discover that the Polish club right in my backyard serves authentic Polish food too! So cheap and so tasty, I’d recommend a visit if you’ve never been. It is super casual so don’t expect a “night out” just a great tasting feed!

miss morag said...

Hi Taryn, I've never been to Poland sadly, but I have been to the Polish Club a couple of times and I LOVE it. Such a great atmosphere and fantastic, cheap food. Thanks to that rather dangerously strong Polish beer we ended up getting very merry with the regulars in the bar after dinner one time, even getting a bit of an impromptu Polish language lesson. I reviewed a number of clubs for the cheap eats guide Brisbane's Budget Bites last year and I can tell you the Czech Club is also worth the drive. Google it or check out the BBB book for more info. Thanks for joining in, and stay tuned for the competition winners, to be announced here on Sunday 18 March.

Taryn said...

Oh awesome! Will definitely have to check out the the Czech club hehe!
Have you announced the winners yet?

miss morag said...

Yes Taryn, you're a winner! Along with Adrienne. Can you please email your full name & email addy so I can organize your double pass? Hope you enjoy.

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